FitSpace offers a wide range of services to meet our clients' needs, focusing on Body Transformation, Strength Training (marathon training, Navy Seals Challenge preparation, general fitness), Athletic and Sports Conditioning, as well as Cancer Exercise Training. In addition, customized programs can be created and delivered to our clients via email. Unable to make it to the studio due to scheduling constraints, unfavorable weather or other circumstances? Traveling for work and don't want to lose momentum? Want to take your fitness regimen with you when you travel for vacation? Let us know and we'll design a custom program you can take on the road. Contact us about custom training programs.

Body Transformation

Whether it’s building muscle to look like a superhero or losing body fat to fit into that perfect outfit or swimsuit, or even getting that pre-baby body back, we will devise an effective plan encompassing training and nutrition to help you achieve your goals.  

 Strength Training & Conditioning

We offer world-class strength training to help you compete in any event and meet your goals in a fun, private environment. Personalized attention and expert guidance will get you the results you're looking for. We take training seriously and have produced astounding results with many clients over the years. Richard’s many years of experience as a competitive bodybuilder guarantees a well-rounded customized program to suit your fitness needs. 

Cancer Exercise Training

Physical fitness is recognized as an important feature in any well-rounded cancer treatment plan. 

Richard is a cancer exercise specialist, certified by the Cancer Training Institute in Portland, Oregon.

His detail-oriented programs ensure special care to persons with cancer, whether they are in the midst of treatment or in remission. Read more about Richard's work (at Crunch) with clients with cancer here.