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"Richard Louis represents the paramount level of elite personal training. When simple tummy flattening and bun-burning simply doesn't suffice, Richard provides his unparalleled pedigree, professional training, and impressive competitive experience to achieve jaw-dropping results in an incredibly short period of time. Because Richard's results are so astounding, I've personally referred to him scores of the Hollywood elite. That's because Richard isn't just a trainer, he's a body transformation specialist of the absolute highest order."

- Carlon M. Colker, M.D., FACN Chief Executive Officer and Medical Director, Peak Wellness, Inc.


"Richard kicked my a** like it had never been kicked before – but in less than two months, he had me well prepared for my Navy SEAL weekend. I’m now the fittest I’ve been in 25 years – and it feels great. So many people ask me, “Have you lost weight? You look great!” And I was already pretty fit and trim!"

- Whitney Tilson, Founder and Managing Partner of KASE Capital Management


"Over the last several years, Richard worked with me to improve my overall endurance and strength, which culminated in the "navy seal challenge" event. Not only has he prepared me physically, but he also prepared me mentally for the challenge. His approach is custom tailored to avoid injuries and to build an overall foundation upon which one can build strength, endurance, speed, or other required benefits. He is by far the best trainer I worked with."

- Boris Levin,
CEO of MOTT Corporation