Fit Tip: squat like a pro!

SQUATS ... The most productive exercise ever!!!!! It builds your quads, glutes, hamstrings, upper back, and lower back. 

When you squat, don't place the emphasis on the weight, but rather, focus on the technique, tempo, and depth.  

In order to do a proper squat, place the bar high on your traps, with your shoulder blades pinched together with your chest lifted. While maintaining your torso as erect as possible, slowly (take at least 8-10secs) lower your butt towards the floor, while keeping your weight centered over your heels. Lower yourself towards the floor until the tops of your quads are parallel (or slightly lower) relative to the floor. Pause for a 2-count at the bottom of your squat, then drive to the erect position without locking your knees at the top. Repeat for desired number of repetitions (preferably between 10-25). 

Squat hard, squat deep, squat often!  You'll get the results you desire.