Fit Tip: get your quads, hams, & glutes in summer shape!

Ok....this is for all you late starters and procrastinators......SUMMER'S HERE!!!!! That means the beach, shorts, short skirts and dresses. You can still get those quads, hams and glutes summer ready in the next three to four weeks if you follow my recommendations to the letter and really put 100% into the program.

Firstly, you'll be training your lower body for three non consecutive days per week. Split your upper body up over the remaining 2-3 days. Secondly, you'll be throwing some high intensity cardio between cycles. This will help tighten and tone up those legs plus help burn off any excess fat and rev up your metabolism. Finally, this program only works if you put away the cell phone for the 45-60 minutes required, crank up your power music and give it your all! Take the selfies of your tush after.

Here's what you're gonna do: barbell squats followed by lying leg curls, followed by dumbbell walking lunges. Do three cycles of those movements for 12-15 reps, then get on the StepMill (not StairMaster) and crank out a hard 7minutes of speed intervals.Rest for 2minutes then do dumbbell stiff-leg deadlifts followed by leg extensions, followed by jump squats w/ body weight ... all for three cycles of 12-15 reps. Then back on the StepMill for another 7mins.

Finally, dumbbell plié squats followed by barbell bridges (fire up those glutes!), followed by leg press burnouts (a.k.a. sheer hell). Do the first two movements for 15-20 reps. For burnouts, use a light weight (or no weight) on the leg press. Do one rep then hold the bottom position of the movement, with legs tight, for 8-10 seconds. Then do two reps and hold again. Continue while adding a rep each time, up to 10 reps on the last round. That equals one set of the exercise, people!!!!  Do 3 rounds of that cycle.

Then finish up on the StepMill with 15 minutes of intervals.

Let's get those quads, hams and glutes banging for the summer!!!!