Fit Tip: a fit pregnancy

Pregnancy is not a time to give up on your fitness goals, but rather
modify them. You are no longer the primary concern, and neither is
gaining muscle and losing fat. The primary concern is for the baby
growing inside you, and for staying fit and healthy while going
through your gestational period. This encompasses not only your diet,
but your cardio and weight training regiment.

Don't stop lifting weights, but be mindful of how your body feels.
Listen to your body!! If you're feeling unduly fatigued on a
particular day, make the necessary adjustments - poundage, time at the
gym, intensity, etc...  Be aware of your joints when lifting. Because
of hormones and the change on your center of gravity, your hips and
lower back are more susceptible to injury.

Don't stop doing your cardio. Instead of killing it on the stepmill or
versa climber, opt for walks on the treadmill or the elliptical at
moderate intensity. When doing cardio, don't let your heart rate get
above 150 beats per min. Again, listen to your body!

Fuel up with high quality foods. Eat to satisfy and know that eating
for 2 is enough. Stick to fresh fruits, clean complex carbs, and lean
sources of protein. If possible, also substitute your protein shakes
for real food. Eat several small meals a day. Remember, pregnancy is
not an excuse to overindulge. Pregnancy is not the only time you'll
experience cravings, so treat these cravings as you would at other
times - everything in moderation.

**Don't be afraid to exercise during pregnancy. Staying fit throughout

those 9 months is extremely beneficial. You will have more energy and

experience less discomfort during your pregnancy, as well as reduce
the risk of health complications (such as high blood pressure or
diabetes). Fit women tend to have an easier delivery. Losing the baby
weight becomes much simpler and faster.

I have actually had clients working out in the gym up until the day
before their delivery!!

**Very important: Listen closely to your physician. Remember, staying
fit and heathy is the main objective.